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About Anette

Having a deep interest and passion in the natural world. I am a wildlife, landscape, and nature photographer. Wildlife and landscapes inspire and excite me. As such, I have had great opportunities to travel to almost every continent on the planet. That gives me the burning passion for capturing unique moments in nature. I am to photograph the perfect moment. Undoubtedly, this will make the experience for you so real that you can imagine standing right next to me!  From an early age, as a nature photographer, I learned to respect wildlife and nature. Becoming part of their world gets me the greatest nature photographs. I was able to capture rare moments, such as a massive orangutan in the lush tropical rainforests. Impressive lions and majestic elephants proudly strolling the African savannah. Some of my favorite memories include photographing the orangutan in the verdant rainforests. Then, incredible Polar bears in the frozen Arctic Sea. Sharing my work with you is a passion. I offer you a range of fine art photography, photo prints, and unique nature photographs to license. Discover my latest work and my nature photography portfolio. Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? I am taking you on a customized photo tour in another way to share with you my passion as a wildlife and nature photographer.

The Challenges Of Nature Photography

Challenges for me are a source of motivation. My background in sports has played a significant role in giving me the drive to do what I do. Undoubtedly, it has given me the ability to keep a positive mindset and stay focused while out in the field.

Getting that one unique photograph takes effort and time. To fully understand the challenges that await a wildlife photographer, you have to be out in nature. You have to know the freezing Arctic or the burning desert. My experiences have taught me the importance of dedication and commitment – also hard work, and most of all – patience. You must become one with nature and wait for the perfect moment. Be still, be quiet, and Mother Earth will reward your patience.

Bringing My Photographs To You

Having contributed to the ARKive for endangered species, I am a member of the Society of German Wildlife Photographers and the Royal Photographic Society.My work involves me in a diverse range of projects, including commissions and photographic assignments. Photographs of mine are shown in publications from all over the world. A small selection is National Geographic, Forbes, BBC Wildlife, CNN, GQ, Conde Nast, X-Rite, MacGroup, Data Color, The Times, and Cox & King.All my wildlife and landscape photographs are available for immediate download for private use. Please contact me if you wish to purchase a license of photographs for your business. These include stock photographs, wildlife photography, and landscape photography prints. They are also ideal as art prints for the home and office. I also sell exclusive collectible fine art prints. To that end, please view these numbered and limited fine art photographs in my limited-edition portfolio.

Sharing My Passion With You

Traveling has become part of my life. I have lived in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Africa. Although I am German, I consider myself to be a global citizen. Currently, I am residing in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Exploring different countries and cultures is my passion, and I am always keen to share my experiences. Overall, my greatest joy is taking you along with me on a customized adventure photo tour! We will visit exotic locations around the globe. We will explore jungles and deserts to icefields. Undeniably, you will learn from professionals how to capture your unique wildlife and landscape photographs.

Flexibility is the key. I am open to travel anywhere in the world to take on new projects.

Running private photographic workshops is also something I do. In these classes, I explicitly teach you the latest techniques, compositions, tips, and tricks of digital photography. Certain to make your photographs exceptional and unique!

Sounds exciting? Then please contact me. In summary, I will give you all the information on itineraries, tuition, and photographic advice.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with Anette for any questions or queries you may have. Anette will reply to your query as soon as possible.

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