Enjoy Customized Photo Tours Adventure and Learning Experience

Wildlife & Landscape Photography Workshops and Photo Tours

Enjoy a Customized Photography Adventure and Learning Experience

Anette Mossbacher has photographed the beauty and majestic nature of our world on nearly every continent. Her experience will help you flourish in your photographic endeavors. Her passion for photography and education is evident in every aspect of her art and demeanor. Let Anette become a part of your love for this natural world!

Regardless of your skill level, from a beginner to an expert, join Anette on breathtaking adventures on her nature photo tours. You will learn photography, interact with the incredible wildlife, take home unbelievable memories. Also, you will capture stunning photographs that indeed generate an excellent portfolio for you.

Our Wildlife and Landscape Photography Tours and Workshops are specially customized for your needs. They introduce you to the different environments on earth. You will learn best how to capture each location in its uniqueness with your camera. Furthermore, come away with your own established photographic vision and skill set.

  • You desire to improve your skills as a nature photographer.
  • To master the arts of Wildlife, Landscape, and Nature Photography at its best.
  • Learn updated and professional level post-processing skills.

“Purpose of education is to give to the body also the soul all beauty and all perfection of which they are capable.” – Plato

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You Will Experience Your World in New and Unforgettable Ways!

Private Customized Wildlife & Landscape Photography Workshops and Tours For Individuals

Anette leads private customized nature photo tours and workshops for those that desire the ultimate in personal experience. These photo safari tours we limit to a maximum of 1 or 2 people. Anette will organize the complete itinerary at your request. You provide Anette with the dates of your trip, as well as what you would like to photograph. Of course, she will use her extensive background to customize for you a fantastic tour. An educational and photographic experience that you will never forget! Additionally, please read what our clients have to say about their workshops.

During your private tour, you will have full access to Anette’s expertise on the best photographic technique, wildlife behavior, as well as cultural background on the locations that you will be visiting.

Personalized instructions

  • How-to properly use your camera.
  • Develop and use your photographic style.
  • How-to compose nature photographs.
  • Learn the post-process of your photography to the best quality.
  • Practice patience and skill in the field.

What Anette Will Teach You

Anette will teach you all nature photography techniques as well as photography skills you may require.

These include the composition of photographs, combining individual subjects to the final photograph. Learn how to see a beautiful arrangement in your photo. The best how-to use of your camera and lenses in the field. Judging the ‘magic’ of light. Last but not least, post-processing of your photographs in different software to its best quality. Furthermore, safely moving in the great outdoors, understanding of wildlife behavior.

Expect the unexpected

Wildlife & Landscape Photography Workshops and Photo Tours For Groups

These workshops and tours we limit to a maximum of 6-8 participants. Two expert photography instructors will lead every tour. This small group size ensures that you will receive maximum attention and photographic instruction during your photography holidays. Occasionally Anette works together with Landscape Photographer Johan Peijnenburg and Wildlife Photographer Ade Photography.

  • We schedule departures and itineraries.
  • Flexibility during workshops and tours.
  • Room for your gear.

Every participant will receive expert training in nature and wildlife photography, which includes equipment selection, use, and technique. Choosing a subject and then creating a dynamic composition of that subject. You learn how to properly and effectively post-process your beautiful work!

Photo Tours Include

  • Daily briefings – including potential subjects.
  • You will develop a personal style as well as composition.
  • Reviewing and critique of the day’s work.
  • Master the ‘tech’ of cameras and lenses.

Photo Workshops Include

  • Learning post-processing to its best.
  • Detailed photographic instructions are suitable for your skill level.
  • Learn to develop your style as well as composition.
  • Master your cameras and lenses.
  • Day workshops with daily briefings.

Tour & Workshop Leaders

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Do not hesitate to get in touch with Anette for any questions or queries you may have. Anette will reply to your query as soon as possible.

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