African Lion Black And White Fine Art

African Lion Black And White Fine Art Wildlife Photographs

African lion black and white fine art pictures from my last photography journey through Namibia in Africa. While looking for the famous animals, I came across a herd of Wildebeest passing my car on the right, running, as well other Wildlife following them! Usually, wild animals walk in peace, no need to hurry at all. They would eat while moving on. There must be a reason that they are running! Indeed that reason showed up within 20 seconds – African Lions, about 17 animals, showed up on the left-hand side at the top of a hill. A few females followed by quite a number of a bit older cubs, at the end two male lions.

African lion black and white fine art photography, the animal standing in the grass at the edge of the natural salt pan.

The two male lions were slowly walking down the hill, giving me some great Photographic opportunities. The strong wind provided a nice add-on for the photographs with the male lions. Their mane always looks great when the wind is strong.

These two African lion black white fine art photographs I took of one single male lion. Since the second lion passed my jeep behind me. The pride has placed themselves close to a waterhole right at the edge of the natural Etosha Salt Pan, doing nothing different from sleeping – waiting for food to arrive to still their thirst!

Black And White Fine Art Photographs

African Wildlife fine art photography goes beyond capturing a photograph on a memory card in the camera. It is the production of a photograph that catches my vision, my emotions, and my perceptions.

Lion standing in grassland while the wind is blowing his hair. Etosha National Park, Namibia.

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