African Lion Black And White Fine Art

African Lion Black And White Fine Art Wildlife Photographs

This article is about a selection of our African lion black and white fine art photographs. African Wildlife black and white fine art photography goes beyond capturing a photograph on a memory card what the camera sees. A camera is a tool I use as a wildlife photographer. The black and white lion photographs are a production of a photo that catches my vision, my emotions, and my perceptions. Each picture has been digitally processed from color into a black and white photograph.

The beauty of African lion black and white photography. The King of the jungle is standing in the grass at the natural salt pan’s edge in Namibia. However, lions do not live in jungles. They prefer woodlands, savannahs, dense scrub as their habitat! This lion photograph is one print of our wildlife limited edition print selection.

A Pride Of Lions Appeared Of Nowhere

The African lion photography black and white, the photo above and below I captured in the Etosha National Park in Namibia. While looking for the famous animals, I came across a herd of running Wildebeest, passing my car. Usually, wild animals walk in peace, no need to hurry at all. They would graze while moving on. There must be a reason that they are running! Indeed that reason appeared within 20 seconds – African Lions, about 17 animals, came out of the shade of a large bush. A few lionesses followed by several cubs. At the end of this beautiful lion parade came two massive male lions.

Black And White Fine Art Photographs

A handsome Lion is standing in the grassland overlooking the Savannah. The proud male Lion in this black and white photo shows the flehmen behavior. Obviously, he is picking up the scent of a lioness. A beautiful animal print indeed.

The two male lions were slowly walking down the hill, giving me some great photographic opportunities. The strong wind provides a nice add-on for the lion print with the two impressive lions. Their black mane always looks excellent when blown back from the strong wind.

These two African lion black and white fine art photographs I took of one single male lion. Since the second lion passed my jeep behind. Meanwhile, the lion pride has placed themselves close to a waterhole right at the edge of the natural Etosha Salt Pan. As usual, they were relaxing and waiting for the food to arrive and still their thirst!

Is a lion the 'King of the jungle'?

The majestic predator is standing in the Savannah, staring into the camera. This beautiful proud animal came back from the Chobe River. His pride killed at night a smaller elephant, which was nearby this area.

Male lions are often called the ‘King of the jungle’ by children and adults. I am sorry to disappoint you. The habitat of the largest predator of the African continent is not the jungle. These dangerous animals prefer dense scrub, African Savannahs, and woodlands. Undoubtedly, in this environment, they can hunt best their prey. Most of the time, I find lions in open grassland or sleeping in the shade of bushes and trees. In a thick jungle environment, they would not be able to hunt down their prey easily!

Lioness Shows her dangerous teeth

Never underestimate a lioness! A beautiful African lioness photograph processed into monochrome. The animal shows us her profile with her dangerous long canine teeth. Nevertheless, the behavior she shows we call Flehmen’s response.

Never Underestimate A Lioness

Look at her canines, indeed impressive long teeth. We were following 5 lionesses along a river in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. They did play fighting while exploring the area and crossing the river. We had to find a spot to cross the river as well and not to drown our vehicle. When on the other side, this Lioness above came close to our jeep. She picked up a scent and did the flehmen behavior 2-3x times. That allowed me to capture this animal’s head profile and process it into black and white wildlife photography as fine art.

African lion black and white photograph

These two lion brothers in this black and white Lion picture are browsing through the African bush.

Two Brothers

To see 2 male lions together is undoubtedly a fantastic sighting. Early morning these two animals were play fighting before looking for a nearby large bush to relax the day off. When the fun stopped, and you see they search for shade, you know it is a relaxing time for the animals. I do not know how often I was for hours, waiting patiently that the lions’ movement happens! Indeed, I was staying with these two animals as well, as long as it was possible. That was the full day until sunset! 

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