African Cheetah

View my beautiful collection of African cheetah photographs. That gallery includes as well our beautiful cheetah black and white photography wall art prints. Undoubtedly that animal is a large predator. One of the most elusive wild cats and the most vulnerable of all wild cats. Unquestionably it is the fastest land animal with a speed up to 112 km/h / 70 miles within 3 seconds. Cheetahs live mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, roaming the savannahs, deserts, lowland, and grassland. As carnivores, they hunt animals they can find in the savannahs during the day. From warthogs, gazelles to rabbits, and birds. The cheetah is a very social animal. They are living together in small groups with siblings or mothers. Surprisingly though, is that a cheetah cannot roar but purr. My beautiful African cheetah photographs you can license and purchase as a wall art photo print.