Okavango Delta, Botswana, Africa

An African Leopard is standing in a tree fork in this wildlife photograph in color. It has its tail lifted that you can see the white tip of the end. A fully grown leopard just before it jumps down this giant tree.

copyright Anette Mossbacher, 17 July, 2023

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This photograph was captured with a Canon EOS-1D X and a lens. The following settings were used:

  • Aperture: ƒ/7.1
  • Exposure time: 1/1600s
  • ISO: 1600
  • Focal Length: 140mm

The original photograph has the following dimensions: 3129 by 4694 pixels (WxH).

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The large fork in the tree allows for comfortable and easy climbing for the Leopard. The beautiful Leopard standing in the tree is a perfect example of how agile these cats are. Undoubtedly they can maneuver themselves up high places. The tree has a reddish hue to it, and behind it are some drier large trees. By the orange glow in the background, you can tell the African sunset starts.

Leopard In A Tree

The Leopard’s habitat varies from rainforests to desert terrains. We find them most commonly found in Sub-Saharan Africa and some areas in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Leopards like to make their dens up on rocky koppies. Especially when they have young cubs, they use koppies as vantage points to locate prey quickly also to look out for danger. Indeed Leopards are highly adaptable; therefore, they have the largest population found near human habitation.

Many African people admire the elusive predator more than a Lion. For these people, is the Leopard the ultimate symbol of power because of its bravery and perseverance in the attack. In these societies, only men of high rank wear leopard-skin cloaks. Indeed, the cultures use them as a totem in many secret societies. Uniquely amongst the Karamajo and Acholi people of East Africa, leopard skins are part of the warrior’s regalia.

The Leopard, Panthera pardus, is in the category vulnerable on the IUCN red list.

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  1. Clare

    Another excellent photo!

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      Thank you very much Clare 😊

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