Indian Wildlife Photographs

Capturing Indian Wildlife Photographs Challenge

Leaving the hot, dusty, poverty-stricken cities, my journey takes me into the remote countryside. These are landscapes of endless green tea plantations. Here I find rare creatures of land and air. Heavy rainfalls occasionally flood these regions. They also suffer from terrible droughts. But life continues. Consequently, giving me excellent photographic opportunities for Indian wildlife photography.

Bengal Tiger – Indian Wildlife Photography

Finally, every wildlife portfolio needs the majestic big cats. The Bengal Tiger we classify as an endangered species. Bengal Tigers are dangerous! So, best stay away. Rather admire him as a stunning wall art photo print. It is especially perfect for a teen’s bedroom. Moreover, Indian Tigers also look excellent in stylish corporate boardrooms.

The Great One-Horned Indian Rhinoceros

Assam is in the North-East of India. That is home to the rare Indian Rhinoceros. These creatures are sadly an endangered species. The locals call them the Great One-Horned Rhinoceros. Browse my stunning collection of these gentle giants. I take photos of them in the foothills of the Himalayas. See them as they wander through the tall grasslands. Not easy to spot them in the dense forests. Create a gallery wall of Indian Rhino. For example, as they walk along the river bank. Or, rest under a shady tree. You can also create a unique look with a photo of a herd of rhinos drinking from a waterhole. Comparatively, choose one lone rhino. How about a mother and a cute calf? See them enjoying a meal. A pair of tiny white birds look on. Lastly, mix and match for an altogether unique effect.

Chitals At Sunset

Sunset scenes are magnificent. Consequently, they never fail to impress. Choose a lakeside view of Chitals. It thrills in fiery tones of orange and gold. This photograph undoubtedly captures the mood of the Ranthambore National Park. Comparatively, choose a bright Jungle Fowl. This bird makes a fun fashion show in bold colors. Enjoy the spectacular display of orange, red, yellow, and metallic greens.

Indian Wildlife Photographs For Commercial Use

The Indian wild animals photographs are available to license for commercial or editorial use. Enhance your websites and brochures. Likewise, they are ideal for email marketing. Use them for exquisite advertising posters. Above all, they are perfect for travel agents. You will soon have clients wanting to fly to exotic destinations. These photographs are also great conversation starters. Hang them as fine art photographic wall art prints in exhibition halls and showrooms. So, get creative and choose décor themes with a difference!

Do You Have Questions?

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