Acacia Tree

Portfolio of Acacia tree photographs. The Acacia tree is the most well-known tree in Africa, besides the Baobab tree. Indeed that tree represents the endless wild savannahs. We mostly photograph the trees in beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Most famous Acacia trees are the hallmark of Deadvlei in Namibia. Eight hundred years old and still standing due to the dry climate of the desert. In Africa, they are well-known landmarks as they are easy to recognize in the veld and savannah. No wonder, so photogenic also most excellent subjects for sunset silhouettes with or without wildlife. Umbrella shaped, perfect for giving shade for wildlife. They are not only the habitat and food chain for wildlife and tiny animals. That tree does also self-protecting with their long sharp thorns. In our Acacia tree photographs portfolio, we made it easy for you to license or purchase a photographic print.