Kenya Safari Photography Tour • November 2025

When you think of Kenya, what comes to your mind?

Kenya – safari, seeing Masai Mara with the great migration, many wild animals, photography tours, and much more. Did you know that Kenya has 24 national parks, 15 national reserves, 6 marine parks, plus many private conservancies?

Each area of Kenya, be it north, east, west or south, have their own unique landscapes, fascinating wildlife, wonderful people, and excellent accommodations.

Our luxury safari photo tour in Kenya will take you to the southern part, to the beautiful and excellent National Parks of Tsavo East, Tsavo West, and Amboseli.

Kenya Safari Photography Tour Dates:


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A wildlife photo of lion in color shows a majestic lion that stands at the edge of the savannah. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

A proud lion is overlooking his territory on the African plains. Captured on a photo tour.

Safari Photo Tour Kenya

Why is Tsavo East National Park special?

  • Tsavo East National Park is nine times larger than the Masai Mara and still has an authentic wilderness feel.
  • Tsavo’s vast open plains are home to large herds of buffalos and elephants, along with lions, and many other animals, such as cheetah, giraffe, hippo, hyena, jackal, dwarf mongoose, zebra or leopard – just to name a few.
  • This park also includes species that only occur here, such as the strange yet beautiful gerenuk, also known as the giraffe antelope.
  • Tsavo East has an advantage over other parks as it is more “off the beaten path,” and you will not find the crowds of tourists that can happen in the Masai Mara. Here in Tsavo East, you can go on a game drive for hours and not see another safari vehicle.
  • This park’s other bonus points are the wide-open plains and the distinct red earth, making it easier to spot and photograph wildlife. The colors of the golden grasses and green bushes combined with the rich red soil can really make your photos pop and even more beautiful!
Wildlife fine art African Elephant Bull Portrait. Black and white photography of its tusks. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Come up up-close and personal with an African elephant on our Photography tour safari in Kenya.

Tsavo East National Park

Where will we stay in Tsavo East on this Safari in Kenya?

Our camp in Tsavo East National Park is special. It is located inside the park and open to the wilderness. The large and beautiful tented rooms look out to a fantastic waterhole that is a magnet for elephants and other wildlife. The camp also has a watchtower that offers excellent views of the waterhole and the surrounding plain.

From Tsavo East we will go to Tsavo West National Park.

On a photography tour safari in Kenya a photographer captures elephants

A photographer taking photos of passing by elephants from her room terrace in Kenya.

On a Kenya safari photo tour this is the tented bedroom of the lodge

The tented room at our accommodation in Tsavo East National Park on our Safari in Kenya.

Tsavo West National Park

Why is Tsavo West special?

  • Even though this park shares the name with Tsavo East, its landscapes are completely different. Tsavo West National Park has more hilly geography with dramatic volcanic boulders and grassy valleys dotted with acacia trees.
  • The park is home to all the usual African wildlife. What is the typical wildlife? Well, such as lions, leopards, hyenas, giraffes, elephants, buffalos, etc. There are also fascinating species such as the tiny Dik-Dik antelope, the chubby-looking rock hyrax, the critically endangered wild dog, and many bird species.
The elusive African leopard is standing next to a termite hill while slightly looking back. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

Early morning this leopard was strolling through the bush to find some prey. The animal went on an old termite hill to have a better overview of its territory.

Where will we stay in Tsavo West?

Our lodge in Tsavo West has large comfortable rooms and is located inside the park. This lodge has a main deck that boasts the best sunset views along with an amazing view of a very busy waterhole, frequented day and night by many different animals.

After Tsavo West we will go to Amboseli National Park.

On a Kenya Safari Photo tour the view from the lodge

One of the beautiful views will enjoy on our photography tour in Kenya.

Photo safari in Kenya the bedroom of the luxury lodge

The room of our accommodation in Tsavo West on our Kenya Safari Photo Tour.

Amboseli National Park

Why is Amboseli special?

  • Amboseli National Park is one of Africa’s most iconic parks, with the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro presiding in the background and home to some of Africa’s last remaining “Big Tuskers .” It is a true privilege to be able to see and photograph these majestic elephants with the longest tusks.
  • Amboseli National Park is one of the few places in Africa where you can still see large herds of elephants of more than 20 elephants.
  • It is also home to lions, buffalos, cheetahs, hyenas, zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, hippos, amongst all the other very varied wild animals that roam this truly incredible park.
  • If we are lucky, we might even get a glimpse of the rare black serval!
giraffe picture prints, wildlife photograph 2 Giraffes creating an arch for a baby Zebra. (copyright Anette Mossbacher)

These two giraffes create an archway for a little zebra foal. The mother and herd of the zebra were to the right side grazing.

Where will we stay in Amboseli National Park?

Our lodge in Amboseli is located inside the park in one of the most wildlife-rich areas of Amboseli. That location gives us the advantage of having wildlife on our doorstep!

We will visit the Nairobi National Park on our last day in Kenya. This is a unique park as it’s the only protected area globally with such a large variety of wildlife so close to a capital city.

Here you can expect to see and get amazing photos of wildlife in the wide-open plains with the Nairobi skyline in the background.

A luxury Kenya safari, sundowner with the view of the mountain Kilimanjaro

What can be more amazing as a sundowner in the wilderness with the view of the Mount Kilimanjaro?

Beautiful luxury Kenya safari lodge bedroom

The room at our accommodation in Amboseli National Park on our Kenya Photo Tour.

What is included in this Photography Tour?

Our Luxury Kenya Safari Photo Tour is on a Full Board basis (except for the night at the Nairobi hotel).

Included is:

  • All transfers
  • Park fees
  • Unlimited game drives (safaris) conducted by the best professional Kenyan Safari Guides
  • Wildlife photography tuition with professional photographer Anette Mossbacher
Luxury Kenya Safari Photo Tour Dates:

NOVEMBER 2025 & 2026

Waiting list is available for 2025 sign up!

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