African Leopard Photography

African leopard photography & elephants photography

African Wildlife and Landscape Photography sometimes brings quite some surprises on a safari during the day or during the night! Especially African Predators Photography, like this African Leopard Photography. Not to forget the big mammals, the elephants, both together I have not seen very often! Actually, only 3-4 x, going to each other out of their way. This situation showed that action can come by surprise and you want to be ready for your photography in Africa for wildlife. This African leopard photography took me by surprise.

African leopard photography – leopard and African elephant together in and at a waterhole

Daring Female Leopard

At a waterhole in Etosha National Park in Namibia, I found a female leopard. A Ranger from the camp I stayed in, told me that she has hidden not too far from the waterhole her just a few weeks old cubs. When I am lucky, he said, I would of getting a glimpse of them. The first day, I went right after the gate opened of the camp, at sunrise, to the waterhole in the hope to get a glimpse of the little cubs. I spent all day in my 4×4 Jeep till sunset at this waterhole. It turned out that I spend 3 full days in a row at this waterhole, from sunrise to sunset, just to get a glimpse of the little cubs.

On day two, an African Elephant bull came by to have a drink and bath for his enjoyment in the water. Dipping his full body underwater, rolling himself around, you just could see how much fun he had. To my surprise, the female leopard came out of her hide and went towards the waterhole. I thought that she will go on the other side, further away from the elephant, as more I was surprised that she went straight to the elephant. She sat down and started to drink water in such peace, but always having the elephant in her eyesight. The African elephant did not see her nor smelled her for quite a little while.

The sneaky leopard is drinking behind the elephant. At that stage the elephant had no idea who is behind him.

Immediately stood up

This went on for about 1-2 minutes. With rolling himself around, the African Elephant finally saw her when he came with his head out of the water. He immediately stood up, flapping his big ears, but no trumpeting. The leopard was not much impressed at all, only got up when the elephant went towards her. The leopard was walking away so slowly that I got the impression she wanted to tease the elephant bull. That was an exciting experience for me.

African leopards and elephants are listed on the IUCN list, the leopard as near threatened the African elephant as vulnerable.

Canon MKIV  ISO 640  Lens: 300mm f/2.8 & 2.0 extender  f/7.1  1/1600sec

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