African Desert Elephants

African Desert Elephants Roaming the Namibian Desert

African Desert Elephants, like the name says, they live in the desert. Currently only found in Namibia and Mali. These elephants adopted very well to their habitat, the desert. On my trip through Namibia, traveling alone in a jeep with a roof tent, I came across a few times these beautiful magic African Desert Elephants. They seemed a bit grumpy towards cars. Once I was glad that I was able to get out of the deep sand in a dry river bed when a herd saw me. Oh well, a few of the Desert elephants started their usual ear flapping. Trying to threaten me. When I saw the herd getting nervous than it was time for me to get in a safer place. In the deep sand of dry river beds in Namibia you cannot just speed up like on a tar road. My jeep was more or less going as fast as it was possible and the African Desert Elephants came closer and closer. Their feet and more wider than the usual African Elephants feet. They needed it to get better through the deep sand. And they were fast!! I was glad when I found and escape of the sandy river bed and was able to get proper distance between the African Desert Elephants and myself.

African desert elephants bull reaching the branches of a tree

African Desert Elephant trying to break off a branch to eat.

The African desert elephants crossing the Hoanib river bed. Their natural world, their environment. Living in the desert, nearly said in the empty desert, but this would be very wrong. The desert has it’s very own beauty, when you walk with open eyes. The heat waves, you can see in the picture. The air “flimmering” like carzy, hot and more hot, where is my bottle of water? Phew was that hot, but again planing a trip to see them these magnificent African Desert Elephants roaming through this rough country.

African desert elephants herd walking through dry river bed, Hoanib river

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