Landscape Photography Brittany

Long Exposure Landscape Photography Brittany France

Long exposure landscape photography Brittany – France. Brittany – Bretagne in the northwest of France has to offer so many possibilities for Landscape photographs. You might do not even know where to start. So I started from the middle from where we stayed for my little project, landscape photography Brittany.

Lampaul-Plouarzel is a charming little town all the way to the west of Brittany. It has a few great Restaurants, fantastic Bakery and many more to offer for. The food is outstanding as it is always in France. A perfect place for peace and for landscape photography Brittany in a different way and not so well known sites.

Long exposure landscape photo of the lighthouse Pointe De St-Mathieu. Brittany, France.

Hiking Along The Coast In Brittany

Hiking along the coast of Brittany will bring you many opportunities and magnificent Landscapes to photograph. There is no way to get lost, just follow the paths along the coast. You will discover great sceneries, rock formations leading into the Atlantic ocean, and much more. 

Rock formation leading into the Atlantic ocean. I found this place while hiking along the coast in Brittany, France. It was a great place to do some long exposure landscape photographs.

Many more unusual shapes can be found and, of course, Lighthouses. All kinds you can imaging. These days 80-90% of the Lighthouses are operated automatic, no more someone sitting there all alone offshore for a few weeks or maybe a month. That time is over! Overall I enjoyed it very much in Brittany and especially my little project landscape photography Brittany. The food was outstanding, the place we stayed fantastic and the people living there very friendly and helpful in any way. We will be back for sure.

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