Hoofed Mammals

Anette’s portfolio of hoofed mammals photographs will give you a new perspective on these beautiful creatures. Sadly, many of them fall into the categories of endangered species. Subsequently, as a lover of wildlife, she hopes that her fine art photographic prints will go a long way towards raising awareness.
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Zebras And Giraffe As Black And White Photo Prints

Black and white fine art photo prints bring a unique look to a room. They are impressive, dramatic, and eye-catching! Remarkable fine art photographs of plains zebras socializing will undoubtedly make you smile. These close up wild animal photographic prints are stark and graphic, ideal to transform a contemporary home. Also, in black and white are exquisite scenes of giraffes making their way across the African plains. When a group of mammals reaches a rare watering hole, they stop to drink, always aware of the lioness waiting to hunt.

Endangered Rhinos And Hippos

Also, in the portfolio of hoofed animals are the massive hippos and extremely rare rhinos. As adorable as hippos are, peeking out from the water, they are extremely dangerous and best left alone. Choose hippo photograph prints to decorate a child's room and subsequently be different. Also, find rare wild animal art photographs of the graceful Oryx antelope crossing the vast deserts in Africa. Impalas spring across the landscapes in large herds, creating a remarkable scene. Choose the mood you want. These hoofed mammals we capture under burning hot skies at sunset and sunrise. Undeniably, perfect for any room in your home. Besides the better-known mammals, the portfolio offers the beautiful red-tinged Lechwe antelope, the Waterbuck, and the Puku. In conclusion, discover these impressive wildlife photographs in this portfolio. If you need further information or help to purchase your wall art photo print, please contact Anette Anette. She will gladly help you further.